THe welcome table

Categories: Social Design/Branding/Environmental Design

Year: 2018

Team: Cynthia
            Michele Fitzgerald
            Mia Culbertson
            Mingfei Shi
            Shuang Wu

            Anne Shih

Art Director: Kelly Holohan 

类别: 社会实践/品牌形象设计/环境设计

年份: 2018

​团队:  Cynthia
            Michele Fitzgerald
            Mia Culbertson
            Mingfei Shi
            Shuang Wu

            Anne Shih

艺术指导: Kelly Holohan 


A collaborative social design project completed for St. James School of Philadelphia, The Welcome Table included a large-scale branding and environmental design system. As a result, a $5,000 donation was made to St. James School shortly after its completion.

St. James School is a faith-based Philadelphia middle school in the Episcopal tradition, committed to educating traditionally underresourced students in a nurturing environment. Every spring, the graduate students in the Graphic & Interactive Design MFA program at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia work to conceptualize, design, and complete a project—as a group—aimed at assisting or solving a current problem or issue that St. James is experiencing. During our time working with St. James, we designed a branding solution for their recently established on-campus pastoral care center.

THE Welcome Table是一项协作性社会设计项目,其中包括大规模的品牌和环境设计系统。S.James是费城宗教信仰中学,具有圣公会的传统,致力于帮助当地家庭贫困的学生。每年春季,费城泰勒艺术学院平面与交互式设计MFA计划的研究生将组成一个设计小组来设计并完成一个项目,旨在帮助或解决S.james学校的当前存在问题。在与圣詹姆斯合作期间,我们为他们最近在校园内建立的食品储藏中心设计了品牌形象。


About design:

The design system focused on friendliness, approachability, and joyfulness, aiming to create a feeling of community while eliminating any stigma that could be associated with shopping at a food and clothing pantry. The foundation of the design is a set of over 150 icons, including everything from the classic Philly pretzel to the unexpected household tool; these icons represent all the items you might find in the space. Combining these icons with bright, youthful colors and classic typography choices like Futura and Mrs. Eaves allowed us to create an easily adaptable and timeless system that could be worked with by St. James School once the project had concluded — including a customizable logo — for the various types of events and fundraisers held within the space of The Welcome Table.



在这个项目中,我们遵循的设计风格是友善,平易近人和快乐,旨在营造一种温馨感。设计的主体是150多个图标,包括从经典的费城椒盐脆饼到意想不到的家用工具。这些图标包含了您在该空间中可能找到的所有项目。将这些图标与鲜艳,年轻的色彩以及Futura和Eaves等经典字体选择结合在一起,我们希望能够创建一个实用且美观的系统,一旦项目结束,St.James School就可以在各种活动中使用它。


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