Categories: Animation/Illustration

Year: 2020

Illustration: Mingfei Shi

Animation: Mingfei Shi

Art Director: Kelly Holohan 

In some Asian countries, eating dog meat is a long-term eating habit In some areas. The reason I did this project was that I raised a dog when I was 12, but because he was fat, he was stolen by someone and eaten. Although ten years have passed, I still feel sad. I know that many organizations are calling on everyone not to eat dog meat. Most of them persuade people from an emotional perspective. But this reason does not convince people who eat dog meat because they think that eating dog meat is legal.  So in this project, I want to persuade people not to eat dog meat from a health perspective.

I made a motion graphic, combining my illustrations and animations so that people can more understand the harm caused by eating dog meat.


类别: 动画/插画

​年份: 2020

插画: 史明霏

动画: 史明霏

艺术指导: Kelly Holohan