Chinese window

About Chinese Garden

Chinese gardens are known for their unique temperament and structure around the world. I was interested in windows in the garden during a Suzhou garden sketch. As a symbol, the window transported in Chinese architecture, exerting its strong expressive power and presenting rich aesthetic and cultural significance. It plays a unique and important role in classical gardens.

Categories: illustration/ concept art/ Laser cut


illustration: Mingfei Shi

Laser-cut:Mingfei Shi

Art Director: Dermot Mac Cormack

类别: 插画/ 概念艺术/ 激光镭射/雕刻

年份: 2018

插画: 史明霏

激光雕刻: 史明霏

艺术指导: Dermot Mac Cormack

Each shadow box is composed of 4 different layers, and each layer is a scene of a Chinese garden carved from paper. The top wood is the representative window of the Chinese garden. The purpose of my creation of this work is to combine traditional art with modern technology(laser cut). Make young people more willing to learn about traditional Chinese culture.