Where does the plastic go?

Categories: Html5/Illustration/Animation

​Year: 2020

Illustration: Mingfei Shi

Animation: Mingfei Shi

Art Director: Dermot Mac Cormack 

类别: Html5/插画/动画

​年份: 2020

插画: 史明霏

动画: 史明霏

艺术指导: Dermot Mac Cormack 

So I created an HTML5, people can use their WeChat to scan the QR code on the poster, and then slide the screen with their fingers. During the interaction, understand that if we discard a bottle at will, it will fall into nature, flow into the river, and then float into the ocean. When it broke down into plastic fragments in the river. It will eat by the turtle first, the turtle is eaten by the lantern fish, the lantern fish is then eaten by the octopus, the octopus is eaten by the tuna, and the tuna finally appears on our table and eaten by us.


Microplastic is everywhere, in water bodies, animal bodies, air, snow in the Arctic and the Alps, and even the human gut contains it, according to researchers. These plastic particles are smaller than 5mm, coming from marine plastic wastes, after breaking down into small particles and passing through the food chain, before finally coming back to humans. Yet most people have never even heard of the term microplastic, not to mention how the problem is rapidly becoming worse.